Stories Say It All

Waihi Beach - October 2021

Jacqui and Hemi Whyte and Family

I don’t want to tell his story to gain sympathy, he is actually one of the most positive people I know, but rather give people a small insight into how having a disability can affect every day things we take for granted. I know my husband well, he will just keep carrying on until he can't.
The mats will allow people who want to access the beach who currently can’t through no choice of their own, and provide an opportunity to exercise their basic human right and bring some joy to many people struggling on the daily. Their production also contributes to the environment by utilising 100% recycled materials and they are 100% recyclable.
Disabled people face so many challenges every day, removing the challenge of how to spend a few hours on the beach is an amazing gift - I would like to thank everyone involved in this project for their compassion and support, and I hope it inspires other communities too.
Warmest regards,
Jacqui and Hemi Whyte & family

Raglan - Parafed Waikato Adaptive Surfing Day 11 Dec 2021


by Ian (Charlie) Charlton

It’s been a while since I was in the water. Having previously surfed a lot at   Raglan before my stroke I was intrigued by the flyer that came out about the upcoming Parafed Surf Day.

After a bit of thought and some encouragement from David at Fitness Revolution I decided to seize the opportunity and headed towards the beach on Saturday the 11th of December.

The sun was out when I arrived at the top of the hill and the Raglan Surf Club volunteers were very welcoming. One of the things I’d been concerned about was how to get down to the beach but they had an ATV to take us down the big hill and it was a quick and easy ride down.

Once I hit the sand the crew were there to help us into the water. They had a beach buggy to get us into the surf. It was a cool buggy with big tyres to get across the sand and floats to keep it buoyant in the water.

Feeling the power of the ocean and the waves rushing over me brought back those good vibes and I caught four waves. It was a great feeling riding the waves surrounded by some of my old surf buddies and Daniel Kereopa. The boys knew I was a surfer so after my runs they took me way out the back for an extra swim.

The other best parts were seeing the smiles from all the kids and chatting to my old surf mates. I was left with a real stoked buzz even though I was buggered.

Being in the water reminded me that I should do it more often and I hope to do it again.